Our Mission

OASIS is dedicated to providing verifiable standards that support and promote organic and sustainable products, utilizing principles of incremental improvement and continuous change.

OASIS will establish a workable and "living" set of standards for Organic and Sustainable manufacturing (starting with the personal care industry), to the benefit of the manufacturer, the consumer and, most importantly, to our living planet. As OASIS Standards and certification seal become internationally recognized, the seal will represent Organic and Sustainable Manufacturing standards worldwide.

Our first Standard, Organic Production for Health and Beauty Products, defines how raw materials manufacturers can use organic ingredients as their base for manufacturing and also rewards them for using the safest possible processes resulting in "organic" and/or "sustainable" finished goods.

There has been no united voice among Health and Beauty companies that has supported credible development of organic and sustainable production, or the ability to communicate what this means to retailers and consumers. The goal of OASIS is to lay the foundation for moving this industry into a responsible future. Together we will build a credible voice and seal that will assure the consumer that OASIS certified products are both safe to use and support a healthy planet.

OASIS recognizes that chemistry is a necessary part of cosmetic production, but there exists good and bad chemistry. OASIS certifies products from the ingredients supply stream all the way through finished consumer products that utilize safer, green chemistry principals and incorporates organic feedstock. With these tools manufacturers can make the most "organic" finished Health and Beauty products available.

With your active input we will offer other standards for sustainable packaging and household cleaners, as well as other products!